Wilda Gerideau Squires, a Boston-area resident, is a graduate of the College of DuPage and has studied at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.  Her professional affiliations include the National Association of Women Artists, Cambridge Art Association, Charter Member of Women in Photography International and the Arts League of Lowell.  She is a resident artist at Western Avenue Studios and Lofts and is represented by the ALL Art Gallery, Lowell, MA.


“With her captivating images of everyday objects like glass, fabric and metal, Wilda Gerideau Squires elevates her raw material from its conventional context, strips it of its associations and turns it into a pure visual dialogue between textures, forms and light. Using both film and digital photography, she explores the essence of her objects, and creates pictures that are powerful due to their themes of visual contrast, especially the interplay of light upon fabric of varying thicknesses and colors. The resulting abstract images continually remind us that in everything there is an extraordinary element waiting to be discovered and appreciated. Through Wilda’s stunning work, we are able to both take in their beauty as art objects, but also identify them with their real-world counterparts, thereby gaining a stirring lesson in the unique and enigmatic qualities inherent in commonplace objects. The dramatic balance of forms and shapes which she uncovers conjures a wide range of moods in us; her work is an intense combination of control and focus as well as the spontaneity which breathes life into abstraction. By her skills, sensitivity and finely honed craft, Wilda Gerideau Squires is able to create images that are haunting, luminous, and enigmatic.”
ArtisSpectrum Magazine
New York, NY

“Wilda’s photographic images isolate details of common forms and exalts them, allowing us to look deeper into them, extracting their nuances, folds, shadows and highlights, making them appear bigger than life”.
ARTROM Gallery
Rome, Italy